Tips to live a zero waste life

We often expect major corporations and governments to take care of the environment but the truth is these massive behemoths are made of normal people who make binary decisions. Why leave our planet up to them? Let’s all pitch in and raise the bar for environmental sustainability.

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Vegan sneakers made of recycled balloons

Nuven, is a vegan sneaker partially made from recycled party balloons along with other sustainable materials. The Nuven line of sneakers is gender-neutral and available in four colorways: vanilla rainbow, desert camel, dark gray and black bird. The company describes the sneakers as lightweight yet durable for a long lifecycle. From the inside out, the […]

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The world doesnt need another place to shop is an ecommerce business that does not encourage “binge consumerism”. In fact, it supports “conscious capitalism”. In other words, it encourages you to buy less! The sustainable marketplace offers a curated selection of home products from leading green brands.  They support companies and customers who value having fewer things of higher quality. They believe […]

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